Gemstone Satellite Necklace


This dainty and beautiful necklace comes in 3 variations. Amazonite, Turquoise, and Labradorite. This unique piece will stack beautifully with all of your favorite necklaces.  

Amazonite (light blue) is known as the stone of hope. It is an encouraging gemstone to increase self-esteem, confidence and clear away negative thoughts.   

Turquoise (darker blue) is a calming stone that can induce internal serenity and lift depleted spirits. It promotes self-realisation and assists creative problem solving. This beautiful stone is also a symbol of friendship, and stimulates romantic love.

Labradorite (brownish tan) is considered to be the Stone of Transformation. Mentally, Labradorite is the stone you want on your side. First and foremost, it calms the monkey mind and stops your thoughts from swinging branch to branch. That’s not to say that Labradorite quashes the mind, in fact, it does the opposite. If you feel stuck in a rut or crave a kickstart in your imagination, Labradorite is sure to get your artistic energy surging.

Product Details

14k gold plated brass

Lobster clasp

Genuine gemstones used

Natural color variance may occur