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Jewelry Care

Mayblu stands by our products and our quality.

Do not shower with your jewelry

Showering will clean your body, but it may not clean your jewelry! Your soaps and shampoos can contain chemicals and ingredients that harm your jewelry! We recommend always removing your jewelry before you decide to get fresh and clean.

Take off your Jewelry before you clean

The chemicals in everyday cleaning products can have a dramatic effect if exposed to your jewelry on a regular basis! We recommend that you keep your Mayblu jewelry away from these products.

Put your Jewelry on after you do your makeup

Hairsprays, Lotions, and cosmetics may contain chemicals that can harm or tarnish your jewelry. To ensure that you maintain quality in the product, we recommend that you only wear your jewelry AFTER applying your makeup, lotions, and perfumes.

Avoid the pool and jacuzzi

Chlorine is one of the leading factors in damaging jewelry. It can discolor and tarnish your favorite pieces! Always remember to take off your jewelry when taking a dip. 

Keep your product in a safe place

Be sure to properly store your jewelry to ensure that it maintains its new look! Keep it in a safe location, like our jewelry bag. Keep it separated from other jewelry products to ensure that it does not tangle and does not get dinged.

Please note that Mayblu is not responsible for natural wear.